When people ask what you believe, it can often be a loaded question.  Our preference is that if you have any questions that you might talk to someone personally.  However, we also understand that some of you might not be in a position to do that, and would like an honest summary of what we think about God, Jesus and the Bible.   For that reason we have provided the short summary of what we believe below.

We believe that God created us to live in a close relationship with Him, one another, and his creation. However, because of our desire to be our own gods and not acknowledge him as God, we have been separated from God and every other relationship has been damaged.

We believe that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, both 100% God and 100% man.

We believe that Jesus came to earth, that He lived, and that He was crucified, and then 3 days after He was buried He came back to life and later ascended into Heaven. It is because of the graciousness of God and Jesus' death on the cross that we can be reconciled with God and receive forgiveness for our sins through faith in Jesus.

We believe that trusting in Jesus is not just a mental exercise of belief, but involves submitting to Jesus as the ruler of our lives. This submission shows itself in new lives that are marked by baptism and lived in obedience to God. As we continue in the faith, following Jesus and being transformed into His likeness, God uses us here, where He has called us, to be His representatives, loving others as He first loved us.