On Sundays we meet at the Rockhouse on the corner of Arkansas and Dickson.

Christ on Campus
The Rockhouse
310 Arkansas Ave.
Fayetteville, AR  72701


Directions to the Rockhouse:

The Rockhouse is an old church where Christ on Campus meets and has offices.  If you're on campus, just walk down Dickson St. away from Brough.  Just as Old Main Lawn ends, you'll see a brick building with a cross in the front yard.  That's the Rockhouse!

If you're coming on Sunday morning, try the big wooden doors--that'll take you in the "sanctuary."  If you're meeting somebody or coming for a smaller meeting, try the glass door at the end of the sidewalk, by the windows.  Then open the sliding doors on your right--that'll bring you into the office.


Cord community groups generally meet on or off campus somewhere other than the Rockhouse.
Send us an email to find out current meeting times and locations.


If you're trying to find one of the staff, call before you head to the office: (479)521-8358.  
We spend a lot of our time on campus, so there is a good chance we won't be in the office.

 Christ on Campus is a Christian community of people from various cultures and church traditions. Our goal is to help you know Jesus and the implications of following him with your whole life. We worship, study, and serve together locally and globally. We want to help you discover the identity and purpose for which God designed you.


Jesus. Purpose. Community.