Spring Break 2020

(March 20-28)

Christ on Campus will have opportunity to work with Vida Nueva Ministries just across the border in Piedras Negras, Mexico.  Spring Break Mission trips are always a great opportunity to see what God is doing beyond of our local area and be challenged to grow in our faith.  We think you should prayerfully consider coming with us! 

Vida Nueva exists in Piedras Negras, Mexico just across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas.  It began with Jair Castillo and his family starting a children’s home for kids who were living off the dump outside of Piedras Negras.  Over time the needs have changed, the work Vida Nueva does has grown, and leadership has been passed to Jair's daugher Mandy and her husband Eli.  Vida Nueva now directs ministries that involve food distribution, health care, child care, vocational skills training, church planting and leadership training programs, as well has providing children quality education through a uniquely recognized elementary and middle school (and soon-to-be high school).  The ultimate mission of Vida Nueva is to use these avenues to fulfill the Great Commission by assisting the people of Mexico in developing and cultivating a personal relationship with Jesus. Christ on Campus has had a personal relationship with Vida Nueva since the 1980s and has taken many trips to Piedras Negras.
The trips vary based upon the skills present in those who come to serve.  We will most likely do some manual labor as well as have opportunities to play with some of the kids at the school and perhaps even aid in teaching in the classroom.  In the past we’ve also had opportunities for people to use technology and art skills to meet needs at the school and the local church.
While we have never had any problems with safety in the past, we always check with the staff at Vida Nueva before scheduling a trip to discuss safety concerns.  Piedras Negras is a border town and at Vida Nueva you can receive U.S. cell phone service.  The campus of Vida Nueva is in a neighborhood area towards the edge of town and is fairly quiet.  We will stay in dorm-type rooms where they have bunk beds for up to 40 people.  There is never 100% certainty of safety with any trip we take, but those who work there and cross the border regularly have communicated that we should not expect any problems.
  • • Friday, March 20th
    • Leave Fayetteville (after class)
    • Spend night at church in Dallas
    • 1 possible meal on the road
  • • Saturday, March 21st
    • Leave Dallas in the morning
    • Arrive in Mexico in afternoon
    • 2 meals on the road (breakfast & lunch)
  • • Sunday, March 22nd
    • Church in Piedras Negras with Vida Nueva staff
    • Possible visit to Market in Piedras Negras
  • • Monday - Thursday, March 23rd-26th
    • Serve at Vida Nueva
  • • Friday, March 27th
    • Leave Piedras Negras in the morning
    • Spend afternoon in San Antonio/Austin
    • Spend night at church in San Antonio/Austin
    • 2 meals on the road
  • • Saturday, March 28th
    • Leave San Antonio/Austin in the morning
    • Arrive in Fayetteville in the evening
    • 3 possible meals on the road
Total cost: $400 (partial scholarships available)
  • Includes:
    • • Transportation costs
    • • Meals while in Mexico
    • • Lodging in Mexico
    • • Provides supplies for work projects at Vida Nueva
  • Partial Scholarship information:
  • • Pays up to $200 of trip cost (leaving $200 due from you)
  • • Provided by alumni who want to enable current students to participate in ConC's Spring Break Mission Trip
  • • Email Mike to apply
  • You will be responsible for your own food while we are traveling to and from Mexico.
The easiest way is to sign up online 


Quick Links:

• Information on applying for a passport

• Vida Nueva Ministries

• Here is a list of what to bring with you to Mexico

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