Mike Armstrong

In 1982, Mike Armstrong graduated from Ozark Christian College and came to the University of Arkansas to start a new campus ministry. He called that ministry Christ on Campus, and has been here ever since.

Mike is the director of Christ on Campus and communicates the overall vision and direction God has given ConC to the network of churches and individuals God uses to make ministry at the University possible.  Mike teaches most Sunday mornings at Christ on Campus, disciples students, and provides counseling. 

Mike is also a track official and currently serves as the President of USA Track & Field, and on the board of directors for Pioneer Bible Translators

Title Category Scripture Date Series Additional file
The Holy Spirit in John Fall 2020 29 November 2020 John
The Way, the Truth, and the Life. Fall 2020 John 14:6 22 November 2020 John
Living Out God's Love Fall 2020 15 November 2020 John
Jesus Wept. Fall 2020 John 11:1-45 01 November 2020 John
Abiding Fall 2020 John 15:1-8 25 October 2020 John
I Am... Fall 2020 11 October 2020 John
The Woman at the Well Fall 2020 John 4:1-26 04 October 2020 John
You Must Be Born Again Fall 2020 John 3:1-15 27 September 2020 John
The Bridge of Relationships Fall 2020 John 1:29-51 20 September 2020 John
Grace and Truth Fall 2020 John 1:14 13 September 2020 John
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Christ on Campus is a cross-cultural Christian community at the UofA. We are here to help you know Jesus and follow Him with your whole life.

Through worshipping, studying, and serving together, we want you to discover God and the identity and purpose He has for you.

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